Home Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Homeowners – it is that time of year.  Time to check through your home’s plumbing system.  I know that there are many things on your “honey do” lists and the plumbing maintenance is just one of them.  Though it is not a task you enjoy it is one that should be kept up with throughout […]

Building a Cabaret House

It has been one of my dearest dreams to someday own a cabaret house of my own. I have been performing for famous theater and cabaret houses in the city, and I have always loved and appreciated the experience. However, I know that it would make me happier if one of these days, I could […]

Theater Controversies – Was Shakespeare truly a fraud?

I, for one, have asked this question since the time I started the theater as my passion. Was Shakespeare a fraud? Was he really just a front for the real author, who can’t show his face or take credit due to unknown circumstances? Or did Shakespeare deliberately take credit for the author’s works like what […]

What is Cabaret?

If you are in this blog and you do not know why, then let me tell you a little history about Cabaret and how creative minds came together to create a type of theater show that is both entertaining and power driven. The prospering political activism in the United States when Cabaret hit the stage […]

The Struggles of Starting Your Own Blog

I am already 25 years old yet I have just started on my first blog. I did not start blogging early on because I was not interested in the idea of always sharing my thoughts and comments on whatever issues there are that I have to face. I liked keeping things to myself. However, I […]