The Struggles of Starting Your Own Blog

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I am already 25 years old yet I have just started on my first blog. I did not start blogging early on because I was not interested in the idea of always sharing my thoughts and comments on whatever issues there are that I have to face. I liked keeping things to myself. However, I also love to write. And at times, I feel like my writings are gone to waste because nobody can read them. Maybe I was just scared that I would never be good enough to write something that is worthy of anybody’s time.

Now that I have decided to write a blog, I still have not decided on what I will focus on. I am skimming through different forums and blogs so that I could find out how blogging works and hopefully be inspired as to what I want my blog to focus on.

Finally, I have decided to write about another passion of mine, which is, the Cabaret.

I cannot remember when I have fallen for this kind of theatrical production, but I know that I will be a fan of it until the day I die.

Maybe I like it because there is a part of me that have always wanted to be a Broadway star. Or maybe these kinds of performances just really captivates me in a very unique way. It brings out a new person in me, every time I get to the chance to watch a theater performance.

Cabaret has a special place in my heart because for me, it is one of the stronger versions of theatrical productions. It incorporates musical production and story telling, but at the same time, it is more of a variety show that about one sole story line. Above all, I really like the fact that it is a medium for activism.

No, I’m not that brave of an activist, but I have my dismays about the power play that is evident in all aspects of hierarchy in existence. Maybe this “cowardliness” I have about making a bolder stand about my issues with politics, is the reason why I value how Cabarets are able to pull of sending these types of messages in a “milder” and funnier sense. Sometimes, it becomes so subtle, people will have to work really hard in reading between the lines to understand what issue they are trying to depict, if there seems to be one at all.

I am not an expert of cabarets or any form of theatrical production for that matter. Nor am I part of any production or a student of this art form. I am just an avid fan, and through my the things I write, I hope that I inspire others to appreciate this kind of art form, too.

Here is a Cabaret Video for you to enjoy!

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