Building a Cabaret House

It has been one of my dearest dreams to someday own a cabaret house of my own. I have been performing for famous theater and cabaret houses in the city, and I have always loved and appreciated the experience. However, I know that it would make me happier if one of these days, I could build a cabaret house that I could call my own.

Once am I able to built it my own Cabaret house, I can decide what shows to perform, when to perform them, choose the theme of the performances, be hands-on with the choreography, story and costumes, and just be able to create the vibe that will share to the whole world who I am as a cabaret performer, and artist and as a person.

But of course, it is not easy to chase this dream. It requires a lot of things, and on the onset, it needs financial support. I work a great deal just so that I can support myself as well as share to the people I love. Hence, saving up for this dream has also become a challenge.

Not only will I need to look for the right location, I also have to make sure that I will be able to renovate the place into a proper cabaret house. This means I will have to hire and pay for a construction company. Then, I will have to make sure that the roof of the cabaret house is efficient and sturdy. I have had past experiences with a bad roof that is why that I have included it in my list of “must checks” that the roof is sturdy and constructed by professionals (ttp://

There is also the need to make sure that the place is not infested by water damage issues. In our local area, there are a lot of old homes and buildings that are infested by these problems because they do not see the difficulties that such problems bring. But, I understand the necessity of this service that is why that as early as now, when the cabaret house is still in its planning stages, I have made efforts to get a hold of the contact details of a water damage company likeĀ Plus, if I ever needed to branch out to Tucson or Atlanta (where I already have a growing network in the cabaret industry), I can just as easily visit eitherĀ or to address my cabaret house concerns.

I really hope that my dreams become a reality soon. I know that these baby steps will soon get me there. I really hope that my passion, drive and perseverance would soon take me there.