Anniston Real Estate Agency Conducts Theater Lessons For Employees

It is normal for companies to hold team building activities for employees and staff members. Most companies do this ritual annually, while others do it twice a year.

The objective of these retreats and team building sessions is to rekindle, if not create, a healthy working relationship among the employees, who play a crucial part in the success of any business.

Most companies take their employees to beaches and some go for outdoor camping activities. These things have proven to be preferred and effective in achieving the goal.

However, an Anniston real estate agency recently reached out to us and asked us if we could provide a theater workshop for its realtors, agents and staff members. At first I was skeptical, not just because it was the first time that I have encountered such a proposal, but because I did not see how a theater workshop would help the employees in creating a stronger bond as well as how it would help in their jobs.

The person on the other end of the line explained to me that they see the importance of “acting” as a means to boost confidence among its agents, and confidence is key to making a great sale. The more she explained the idea, the more I saw the connection and the opportunity for the workshop to enhance the skills of these real estate agents.

I happily agreed to the request an in three weeks, I was able to meet the employees. They were very cooperative and were more than eager to learn.

Personally, the most fun I had was when I had them to an exercise wherein they were given random typical scenes that could possibly happen during a normal realtor’s day. The catch was that they had to reenact the scenes using only a specific sound that their team was assigned. So while acting, they were only allowed to utter “ma” or “phew” or “wee.” The exercise’s success depended highly on the ability of the people to act and express through actions, given that their speech is restricted. I made them do the exercise on the premise that once a realtor is able to successfully convey ideas via movement, then it would be twice or thrice as easy to express things with both words and actions. When they master this skill, their chances of landing sales through proper language and body communication with clients would surely improve.

Anniston real estate agency theater workshopI can honestly say that by far, this experience with the company is one of the most unforgettable things I have encountered in my living years as a lover of the theater. It stands out because it was such a unique experience and I truly hope that those employees would also remember their time with me and my team as well.

By the way, if you are someone looking for a realtor, then you can contact them through the following details:

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